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Sister Charity's Testimony

Sister Charity’s Testimony:

This witnessing was by far the best one yet. I felt that the people were more receptive in Bellingham than in previous outreaches. We meet these two young men at the park that Charity W. had previously given a book to. As we were walking by, the one young man named Nathan told me that he had scanned the book but asked if I could give him a summary. So I started to tell him about Brother Branham’s ministry and how we believe that he was a prophet.

As we talked, he began to ask me a lot of questions like, "What do you think of the Godhead and the trinity?" and "Do you still believe in miracles?" I tried to answer him the best I could, along with Kayla and Charity W. I saw Mike walking by so I called him over and asked him to explain to this young man what our beliefs are. Nathan was very open and after Mike explained to him the trinity, he seemed almost to get it. He was very happy that we said we believe in the whole Bible and that we don't just take the parts we want. He said that he would look into it.

This was my very first real witness, and it was very awesome to tell someone about God and what we believe in this end time.

Sister Charity C.

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