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Brianna's Witnessing Testimony

For some, Saturday was a day of victory, a day filled with interested people and new experiences, but for me, it seemed a little less joyful in all the things that happened. I was in such expectation for Saturday and was ready to bust with all the things the Lord has done for me. When we got to Richmond, however, it was bad weather conditions and so we were stuck in and around the malls in the area. I really felt that people were stuck in their shopping modes and had little interest in hearing about what beats any mall deals. Sneaking around the security guards was a main part of our day, but even with my feelings of defeat and like I didn't accomplish much, I know we were there for a purpose and every person that received the truth in their hands got it for a purpose too.

Its good to experience the valley of witnessing because by the valley, I can more appreciate other times of "euphoric" days of witnessing. I did give a "Sinners Die Alone" book to a man smoking out by his car, and even this simplest act of giving may mean the world to someone. Oh, and I can't forget the high-tech toilets. I traded a high-tech toilet brochure for "The Rapture" with the salesman. The sample lady in the Asian Market (which had the weirdest foods ever) asked me for a book.

Who knows, a sweet smile and a little love of Jesus goes a long way, even to those who were just there to shop and get good deals. I know someone was affected by the love of Jesus that we showed on Saturday because so many were increasing the bags in their knees in prayer for it and I was in such expectation. Only God knows what we were used for on Saturday and I'm glad He has everything in control even when I feel like I didn't do enough!

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