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Sister Amberly's Testimony

The Richmond outreach was a very different outreach. It was cold and pouring rain. I had a very good experience this time. We were in the mall at first. I met this one lady named Barbara. My brother, Tristian and Anthony were talking to her husband and she approached... Read More...

David Dehkurdi’s Witnessing Experience

Witnessing in Richmond 3-12-11 047-sm
One man took a book from Joseph as we were handing out books and talking to people at the transit station. An elderly Asian gentleman in his sixties received the book only to come back some minutes later to ask Joseph, “Jehovah Witness?”... Read More...

Brother Matt Desmet's Testimony

At the last witnessing outreach in Richmond, I believe the Lord wanted to teach me that He is faithful until the end. As expressed by others who also attended that day, it seemed the devil was extremely focused on putting a damper on our efforts and our spirits that day... Read More...

Sister Brooks & Sister Victoria's Testimony

We were witnessing near a bus stop when a lady walked up to me and asked why we wear skirts. I explained to her Deuteronomy 22:5 and she told me she was impressed that I knew so much about it... Read More...
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