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Brother Michael’s Testimony

Brother’s Michael’s Testimony

I had the opportunity to go witnessing down in Fairhaven. As I started towards Boulevard Park with Brianna and Ruth, we saw a homeless looking man down on the pier. The girls persuaded me to go down and talk with him. I went down with just one book in my back pocket.

When I greeted the man, he was repacking his backpack and I noticed a fishing reel so I asked him if he was going fishing. He told me he was just repacking his backpack. Then I saw he had a New Testament so I knew he was a Christian. I asked him about it and he confirmed it.

We talked about the Bible and I found out he didn’t have the Old Testament, and didn’t know about revelation or prophets. I shared with him about that and tied it with the New Testament. He agreed with everything I told him, and saw the modern events in the Scripture. He also agreed that man had turned their back on God. He asked me how to pray, so I got down and showed him.

Everything I told him was met with a positive response. He was very interested in what I had to say and wanted to find out more, so I gave him the book I had (the green one) and we ended our conversation after about half an hour. Later on, he saw Caleb and asked for all the other books that he had.

Shortly after this experience, we came upon some of the other sisters who were talking with two young men. The men had asked the sisters about the Trinity and they told me I came at exactly the right time. I started by explaining the Trinity to the one man, as Brother Branham has explained many times. After explaining it to him, I asked him if it made sense to him. He said, “Yes,” and I could tell he felt really silly for what he had thought previously.

We talked about Revelations, Daniel, gifts of prophecy, healing, and speaking in tongues. I explained the Giver vs. the gift. We also talked about how Pentecost failed. He asked me a few questions, trying to trap me, like asking me about inductive vs. deductive reading of the Bible. I didn’t really know what to say, but I just explained God in simplicity, and then found out he didn’t really understand the question he had asked me in the first place. I found out he was the youth leader for the Assemblies of God church. We left on a good note, and he was really interested in learning more about Brother Branham.

The day of witnessing was a blessing for me. I was able to spread the Gospel and had some amazing witnesses. After the two experiences mentioned above, I felt ready to preach on the stage at the park. It was an encouraging day for me and I look forward to many more outreaches.

Brother Michael A.
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