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Brother Samuel's Testimony

Samuel’s Testimony

Samuel is nine years old and he went with us, as a family, to be a witness and hand out Message books on Saturday. It has been our heart’s desire to do this for a long time, and we are so grateful to the Lord that we were able to have this opportunity.

Our assigned area for missions was the Farmer’s Market in downtown Bellingham. As the parents of Samuel and Anna Hope, we were eager to have the opportunity to do something together as a family, for the Lord!! We could think of no greater memory than this to make with our children. The following is Samuel’s brief, but honest, description of his experience “witnessing” for the first time:

“I was afraid to witness, as I was afraid I would be embarrassed, but when I gave out the books I was not embarrassed at all!!”

He loved giving out the books, and we found that when adults would sometimes refuse to take the books from us, they would always accept them from Samuel.

Samuel is very proud that he is one of God’s witnesses and can not wait to go again!!!

We are also very excited to be a part of the Bride of Christ, and it is our desire to get this Message (Christ) into the hands of all we can!!

May God bless the seeds that were planted on Saturday!!

Brother Gary, Sister Leisa, Anna Hope & Samuel

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