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Brother Oren's Witness Testimony

Brother Oren’s Testimony:

I had a wonderful time in Bellingham witnessing, and having the testimony service afterwards. We had a lot of people who came around who were just there to argue or have a debate with us, like this one guy who tried to tell us his own revelation and things. He kept on coming to different ones of us and giving us parts of his personal doctrine. There was another person who came up to us who was saying that we didn't know anything about soul winning and we were not saving anyone by handing out these books.

Even though there were these stickers hanging around, we still had some good witnesses. Some people would accept the book you offered them, and look like they would actually read it and think about it. We met a women that had lived a short ways from the Bibleway House when it was just coming out. So there were really some rewarding times when you would hand out a book.

I also really enjoyed the testimonies afterwards at the park. It was nice to have it around the campfire, and hear the different things that had happened during the day. I just want to say thanks to all who have made it possible and were a blessing to the Bride and to God for making it a success.

God Bless, Oren H
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