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David Dehkurdi’s Witnessing Experience

Witnessing in Richmond 3-12-11 042
One man took a book from Joseph as we were handing out books and talking to people at the transit station. An elderly Asian gentleman in his sixties received the book only to come back some minutes later to ask Joseph, “Jehovah Witness?”

Joseph said, “No.”

“Seventh Day Adventist?”

Again Joseph replied, “No.”

Then the man set off again, but like bread upon the water, he returned to us again within several minutes to ask, “Mormon?”

“No, not Mormon!” we replied. Then he left off again.

Obviously interested he came back a third time but equipped with a little deeper inquiry: “I am very cautious when I see ‘Man Sent from God.’ I see a lot of man ‘sent from God’ and they just have their own agendas they want to accomplish. They just say it.” And with that, he handed the book back into my hands.

Patiently, I had waited for his discourse to end, then when I couldn’t stand it any longer; I exploded, “But he was a man sent from God, the deaf heard, the blind eyes opened before many, the dead were raised. God sent him with signs.”

“Is he dead?” he asked.

“Yes, 1965, but what he really came to do was open up the Bible for us.” At that, he took the book from out of my hand, face aglow with a broad smile.

Later on, Joseph handed a book to a teenager named Emily, whom I entered into conversation with.

“Are you a Christian?”

“Yes,” she replied.

Witnessing in Richmond 3-12-11 047
Then we talked about mission work. She said she thought it was great. Come to find out, she was getting baptized that Sunday, at her friend’s church. We talked about that, and what it means. I got share a bit more about what we believe. She was very receptive and we gave her contact and church info. At the end, we sent her off with plenty of material to stimulate the small work of God.

David Dehkurdi
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