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Sister Amberly's Testimony

The Richmond outreach was a very different outreach. It was cold and pouring rain. I had a very good experience this time.

We were in the mall at first. I met this one lady named Barbara. My brother, Tristian and Anthony were talking to her husband and she approached me and asked, “What is your Sabbath day on?” I kind of stuttered and I did not really know what she meant so she asked, “What day do you have church?” I said, “We have church Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evenings.” Then she said, “Oh ok, so then your Sabbath is on a Sunday?” I was still a little confused.

Then she changed the subject and said that she noticed that I had on a long skirt and long hair, and asked why. I explained how it said in the Bible about not wearing men’s garment and about hair. Then Sabrina, Brooke, and Victoria came walking up and I introduced them to her. She also told us that from 9:30 pm-10:30 pm was her reading time. Bingo! Message books! So we asked her if she wanted any more and she said she would take anything we would give her. She was really receiving what we were saying. I gave her my dad’s cell phone number and I told her to call if she had any questions. We also met her daughter and granddaughter.

Later on, a security guard came and asked some of the boys to please not hand out any more books. The boys did not tell us, so we just kept handing them out. The security guard came and told us to leave the mall and would not leave our side. He said he was escorting us out of the mall!
Then we went to the bus stop. Sister Lori Lane was with us and she had her tambourine and Brother Dyck had his guitar. Sister Lori was singing her heart out, “Called out to be a witness. Called out to be a witness.” People just walked by and smiled and laughed. It was a great experience and

I am looking forward to the next outreaches!

God bless you,
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