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Sister Ruth’s Testimony

Sister Ruth’s Testimony

I was part of the group that went to the Fairhaven area of Bellingham on Saturday, May 14. The afternoon of witnessing was special for me because it was on familiar territory, right around where I live. I know many of the people that visit the Fairhaven area, and was both excited and nervous about meeting some of them. I went with Michael and Brianna on the boardwalk that connects to Boulevard Park.

Earlier in the day, we had seen a man walking around without a shirt, and carrying a large backpack. The three of us saw him at the beginning of the boardwalk, down on the pier. Brianna and I convinced Michael to go down and talk to him. This “testimony on the sea” lasted around half an hour.

While Michael testified, Brianna and I continued to make our way down the boardwalk, passing out books while we walked. It is not a very long boardwalk, and people were out for their exercise, so we ran into the same people more than once. Some got a little tired of being asked if they wanted a book or not, but there were a few that smiled, and one woman who told me, “Thank you for what you’re doing! Keep it up!” That was encouraging for me.

I did not really talk to anyone for long, but I was very encouraged hearing about the different witnesses that the young men in our group were able to have. It was encouraging to see that they really do know what they’re talking about, and are not ashamed to testify. I know we made a big impact this weekend, and pray that God will continue the work in each life we contacted.

Sister Ruth W.
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