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Brother Matt Desmet's Testimony

At the last witnessing outreach in Richmond, I believe the Lord wanted to teach me that He is faithful until the end.

As expressed by others who also attended that day, it seemed the devil was extremely focused on putting a damper on our efforts and our spirits that day.

I went almost the entire day feeling a bit discouraged as the people didn't seem to be very receptive. After being asked to leave a mall by security, our team made our way to the sky train station. We did have more success there which lifted spirits at the end of the day.

The group ended the day by gathering near our cars. As Brother Jose and I discussed the day, a man approached us from behind towing a shopping cart.

He said, "I brought out the sunshine for you all!" And indeed, the sun had just started to peek through the clouds.

This opened up a very fruitful conversation with the man. We discussed the end times and the grave nature of the world. It turns out he passes out Billy Graham tracts from time to time around the city. We gave him some tracts of ours to hand out, as well as a Church Age book and the Seals book. I believe he has a great chance of accepting the Message. He made a comment at the end of our conversation that showed he is hungry and on the right track.

He said, "You have to get the world out and get the Word in!" Praise God, as he received the Word of the hour that day.

This interaction really lifted my spirits at the end of a hard day. I thank the Lord for making the connection right before we left the city! He is faithful until the end!

Brother Matt Desmet
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