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Chinatown Testimonies Pt-1

Sister Brooke

We were walking down a street coming back towards the main group from lunch and I happened to have a few books with me when a man walked by. I held out a book to him and said, “Would you like a free book, sir?”

He seemed like he was taken back or something and so I tried to hand it to him but he almost seemed to think he had to pay and he really wasn’t getting it. Then I said “It’s for you.” Then he got excited and said, “For me?” So I gave it to him and we were both very happy!

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Brother Tim

Brother Aaron Hardy and I were walking by an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair waiting at a bus stop. Brother Aaron asked him if he would like a Message book and the conversation started. It wasn't long before his bus arrived, but having a bus pass, I decided to hop on with him and continue the conversation.

I was with him right up until we ended up at a dollar store, all the while seeking words to perhaps lead him to Christ. The clerk at the store noticed my Bible while I stood with the gentleman in line. The clerk told me he had become a Christian eleven years ago in Iran. Upon mentioning the brother I know from Iran, Brother Matthew Dehkurdi, the clerk said he knew him.

I had been keeping an eye on the man in the wheelchair while speaking with the clerk, but then I had only taken my eyes off the man in the wheelchair for half a minute and I couldn't find him anywhere afterward. He just disappeared. I gave the clerk a book and spoke to him briefly.

I looked all over the mini mall, but couldn't find the man in the wheelchair. He was slow too! I believe God orchestrated all this to meet this Iranian brother.

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Brother Gabriel

At the Chinatown witness, we were standing next to an alley and us boys were just starting to have success passing out more books. About 2:30 pm, Victoria Andes got the attention of a Spanish-speaking person. She offered him a book but he said he didn't speak Chinese. She tried to explain that there was English in it too, but wasn't having success.

So I stepped in and gave him a Message book and he took it and asked if I had Spanish and I said no. So I told him about the Message HUB and he asked if we handed them out, but I told him he could print it. Just before he left, he pointed to the book and said, “I like this.” So I think he could be a Christian.

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Brother Kyle

"I had a wonderful time seeing some young men’s eyes light up while sharing about the reality of un-believers, make-believers, and believers in every church after handing them the Message book by Brother Branham, Three Kinds Of Believers. I also had a unique experience when a local "street kid" (whom spoke Chinese) began to help me hand out some Messages. Little is much, when God is in it."

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