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China Report

Dear Saints,

I greet you again in the lovely name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The things happening around the world almost takes our breath away when we see how the Lord is fulfilling His Word at such a rapid speed. But it sure makes our hearts thrilled, because we know we’re definitely at the end time now.

Bro. David is still on the road with another 2 brothers to share the Word in different places. There are another 4 people who were baptized a few days ago. It’s a sister who received this Message last October when we baptized her in the storm (if you followed my update last December.) She brought this Message home to her mother and relatives. They read it and then asked if there is any one can come and expound this Message more to them. So Bro. David and other brothers drove there and shared the Word with them.

It’s a little village, and people are very poor. First they preached in the room but then it becomes too cold and damp inside so they moved outside in the yard. As Bro. David and Bro. Ben preached the Word some people’s heart opened up. After the services there was 4 sisters that walked up and asked if they can be baptized.

So they went to the river. It’s freezing cold and the river is deep. But finally they found a shallow place. Bro. David had to go in first to step on the mud with his feet to make it a little bit firm in order for the sisters to stand so that he can baptize them. One after another they went into the water despite the cold because the Lord had done something deep in their hearts.

After this they went to another place about a few hundred miles away. The leaders of this church got the Message about 11 years ago but they never really fully accept it as an absolute from the Lord. They just think it’s a good preaching and take whatever they wanted.

About 2 years ago the two leaders of this church came for a convention held in Bro. David’s church. Then the Lord starts to dealing with them. After the services the Lord give Bro. Zhang a scripture in Book of Revelation 19:7, “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.” Then he realized that this Message is the Message to get the Bride ready to meet the Lamb in the wedding supper. Bro. Zhang repented. He came back home with a renewed vision and total conviction and dedication to the Word of God in this Age.

He preached with a deep conviction to his congregation and led the whole church into repentance. Then the sisters disregarded all the mocking and persecution from outside, even their own family members, and they proudly put on the dresses. If you know the custom of villages in Northern China, to put on skirt is a sign of an immoral woman, especially in winter time. But when the people obeyed the Word of God with their whole heart then the power of God will start to pour down.

Brother Wang had 2/3 of his stomach cut out a few years ago because of cancer. Then the doctor found a tumor again about the size of an orange 3 weeks ago. He prayed earnestly with his family. He told his family that after the Lord heal him then the whole family must believe this is the Truth. He believed the Lord was going to personally intervene and take this tumor miraculously.
Few days later he needed to go to the hospital to take the tumor out. When he was on the operation bed before they’ll take the tumor they made a final check. The doctor was perplexed. He checked, and checked again, but couldn’t find the tumor anywhere. The Lord touched him before the doctor touched him!

A sister got a stroke a few years ago. After the stroke she always felt nauseous, and she can only eat a small portion of food, and she was thirsty all the time. Then in 2010 her daughter in law shared this Message with her. Then she believed. One day she asked the Lord deliver her from this affliction totally. She prayed then she decided to fast. Her husband is very nervous because she already eats very little. He even forced her to eat and told this to her relatives to give her pressure. But the sister was persistent. She said, “If I don’t get totally delivered from this sickness, I’ll not eat till I die to see God.” One day past, another day past, she was persistent and fasted. Then a still small voice told her to invite Bro. Zhang to have a service in her house. She did. During the meetings she was attracted by the preaching of the Word and totally forgot about her sickness. After the services were over she came to herself and realized all her symptoms were gone. She’s a healthy strong woman today!

There was another lady who was possessed by a demon spirit for many years. The demon drove her to live in the graveyard away from her family. But the Lord put a burden for her on the believers in the church. So they went to pray for this woman just a few weeks ago. Before this nobody had dared to do it, even the denominational Christians, but the believers had no fear. Now it’s the devils turn to fear. They prayed and claimed this lady. Then the devil fled. The lady came to her right mind. Then she came home and hugged her child after so long and was baptized a few days ago. What a mighty God we serve. He is still the same yesterday, today and forever.

Please remember Bro.David and the other brothers in your prayers. They are on their way to another place to spread this Gospel.

May the Lord bless you for all your prayers and support.

Bro. Murphy
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