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Fruits From Annual Philippines Camp Meetings & Mystery Expo Outreaches

For well over 30 years, the saints in the Philippines have been gathering for camp meetings in December as a time of hearing the Word, singing and fellowship. Businesses across the country come to a virtual standstill the week before Christmas Day, which gives the believers time to travel to the meetings and renew relationships with friends from previous meetings. Some travel for three days on a boat to get the location of the joint fellowship meetings. Housing , food and transportation is quickly arranged as the saints arrive with great anticipation in their hearts that they will have a supernatural encounter with God.

Over the last 15 years, many new converts have been attending the meetings for the first time as a result of the Mystery Expo Seminars they attended during the year. They come into an atmosphere of holiness and encounter love from their new brothers and sisters in the Lord. Much of what they see and hear is new to the ministers and the people from their churches that attend, but there is no mistaking the awesome Presence of God in the midst of the meetings.

As a result of all the planning and preparation that goes into setting up the many details required for a successful meeting, thousands of attendees have entered into a glorious new understanding of who the Bride of Jesus Christ is, as God opens their hearts to a great revelation of His plan for their lives. As we prepare for His coming to take us from the earth into a wedding supper and a millennium reign of a thousand years and then into eternity, The Great Commission is being carried out by dedicated warriors of faith who make great sacrifices to hold these December camp meetings.

Please keep the saints in the Philippines in your prayers as they are even now planning for the next year’s celebration!

Brother Ernie Villanueva
Bible Believers

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