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Verdict Reached

I wanted to update everyone about the 11 Christians that were on trial in Bandar Anzali. They have been acquitted of their charges! The prosecutor has 20 days to appeal the acquittal, but this is a great victory for the LORD and His people. We are so grateful that He delivered them from the hand of their enemies. Please continue to pray as the security services will not be pleased with this verdict. They will continue to devise other methods to cause harm and ultimately stop the evangelism that is taking place in Iran through our brothers and sisters in Christ. Recently, the Security Services of the Ayatollah issued an article stating that the message believers in Iran have formed a secret army that is preparing to assassinate government officials. This is a lie and an elaborate trap that they have planned for the ministers there, painting them as extremely dangerous and threatening. Please join me as we lift up the saints there for wisdom, strength, courage, and protection.

In Christ,
Jason DeMars
Present Truth Ministries
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