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Message HUB

150+ Messages in Portuguese: In Past 2 Weeks

Over the past two weeks, a few young people were burdened in their hearts to “get the Message to the people” in the Portuguese language. Read More...

Vietnamese Audio Translations Now Available on the HUB

We are encouraged to announce that audio translations into the Vietnamese language of Brother Branham’s messages are now being made available on the Message HUB... Read More...

Russian Translation Work Underway In Moscow

The Message HUB print station in Moscow is being put to good use, Brother Sergey Volkov reports... Read More...

13 Farsi Messages On The HUB

Farsi Lang-sm
Bible Believers recently received 23 Farsi Messages (Persian) from a brother; within a week of receiving these messages they are now all on the HUB. Believers from 12 different Farsi speaking countries now have access to the Message in their language. Read More...

More Portuguese Messages For The HUB!

Under the guidance of Bible Believers Missions, and with the assistance of Sister Beth Dingwall and Brother Timothy Andes, a team of seven brothers and sisters have commenced work on reformatting an additional 297 Portuguese translated messages for the message HUB. Read More...

Message HUB: South America Vision

The vision for the Message HUB in Central and South America is to ensure all believers have access to the Word of God for our day, in order to strengthen and empower individual believers and churches alike. Read More...

What Is The Message HUB

Message Hub fixed
The Message HUB is a digital library of William Branham’s sermons, translated in over forty-five languages and made available in both printed and audio formats, thus allowing free access to the Message of the Hour on a global scale. The HUB allows individuals and churches... Read More...
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