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God Is Moving In Eskiseher, Turkey

(The following report was received from Brother Jason DeMars, Present Truth Ministries)

Recently, a church in Eskiseher, Turkey has been having some very stirring and wonderful prayer meetings. Brother Nehemiah has been teaching the people much about the Message of the Hour and basic Christian doctrines such as the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. All the believers are testifying that they are sensing the Presence of the Holy Spirit with them.

At one prayer meeting, a brother named Mattoo had been having some spiritual problems. They had tongues and interpretation of it revealing what his problem was and that he needed to quit smoking. This was a further vindication to these precious saints that God is in this Message. Brother Nehemiah prayed for him, the demon left him, and he is no longer smoking. This same brother had a long conversation with Brother Nehemiah about the Message and he explained to him the Biblical basis of it. The brother said, “I have already accepted Jesus as Lord and now I accept Brother Branham as being the prophet of God.”

Please continue to pray for them and the situation there. God is moving in a wonderful way amongst them. We are so thankful that the believers there have a pastor now and that he is someone that can teach them about this glorious Message.  
Brother Jason DeMars
Present Truth Ministries
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