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Over 1000 French Translations By Shekinah Publications

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Bible Believers recently received communication from Pastor Richard Diyoka and Shekinah Publications in the Congo that they are working to get over 1000 French translated messages available to them sent to Bible Believers for formatting and uploading to the Message HUB.
Just under English and Spanish, the French language is now the third most downloaded language from the HUB website, out of a total of 45 languages. There are currently only 328 messages in the French language available on the HUB. By Shekinah Publications giving Bible Believers permission to upload these 1,000+ messages, not only will the Bride in Africa continue to be blessed, all French speaking believers around the world will have access to these messages as well.

But we know that whenever the Lord is doing a work in his Bride, Satan is present to try his best to destroy it. Satan has thrown a couple of roadblocks to try to stop these messages from being made available on the HUB.
A thunderstorm recently tore off the roof of Shekinah Publications, which caused damage to a lot of their equipment; computers, printers, books, dictionaries and other supplies have been ruined by the rain and wind.

Please pray for Pastor Diyoka, the believers in the Congo, as they work to restore the Shekinah Publications building and its equipment. In the meantime, Satan will not stop the work of the Lord. Pressing on in Jesus’ Name, the work will continue, not only in Congo but in all countries and languages. Death, storm, adversity, sickness will never stop nor deter the work of the Lord.
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