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A Great Stir

a great stir 1
The Lord has done a great harvesting in China in the year 2010 and He’s continually harvesting through this Message at the beginning of year 2011.

If you watched the Watch Night Service in our church last Friday you’ll notice the first brother who greets the people, Bro. Run. Right after he greeted the people he went to the airport and flew to Bro. Lv’s place. He took the service there then immediately went with Bro. Lv to start a week of meetings in that little church that 30 people were baptized last September. It’s about 1 hour away from Bro. Lv’s church. After the baptismal last year Bro. Lv and other brothers such as Bro. David, Bro. Caleb, Bro. Ben all went to this church to minister to help them grow in the Word.


The Lord used Bro. Run delivered the mighty Word of God through the Message of this hour. The most exciting thing that Bro. Lv observed is the people gradually fell in love with the Message in the past 3 month. He said many of them came to tell Bro. Lv that how they enjoy to read and listen the Message. How their life are totally changed in the last few month. Actually they become “addicted” to the Message according to their words. Some said they even brought the books to their working place. Whenever they had a little time of break which is very, very limited in China, they’ll take it out and read it eagerly.

There is a sister working in a landscaping company to water the grass in greenbelts of the city. We just call her Sis. Lynn. At first a sister gave her the book of “Seven Church Ages”. She heard someone told her it’s a cult. Then she became hesitate if she should read it. She even thought to throw it away but she just can’t. This book became a hot potato in her hand she doesn’t what to do with it. Then she prayed and asked the Lord if this is the truth He has to speak to her directly. The Lord did spoke to her afterward but she still not sure. So she asked the Lord again for evidence.

She has to take 1 hour bus to get to work. There is absolutely full in the bus in the rash hour if you ever take bus in China. But she asked the Lord if He can provide her a seat as an evidence. Also this will make her to sit down and be able to read the book. That morning as soon as she squeezed herself in the bus there is man stand up and went off the bus. She sat down and starts to read. Then the whole book opened up to her. She believed. Since that day she starts to eagerly read the Message every day. The more she read the more she wants to read. Soon after she read the book she felt this must be shared with others. She starts to give out the Messages to her friends she even took some of her friends to the church when Bro. Run was preaching. But she won’t be able to come because she has to work.

After the meetings there are 7 people want to be baptized. So they set up the portable baptismal plastic tank and baptized them in the name of Jesus Christ.

When it’s finished brother Lv start to drain the water. Then Sis. Zhou the former leader of the church but now resigned came and said to Bro. Lv there is another sister on her way to the church wants to be baptized as well. When she came, it’s Sis. Lynn. So they filled up the tank and baptized her. Praise be to God!

Bro. Lv helped the people in that church bought 10 portable speakers so that they can play the Message out loud in their homes. When he saw some listened the Message with MP3, some listened through the speaker, some reading it in the book… oh, there is nothing more excited than to see the believers loved the Word of God. Some people even send the books and MP3 back to their hometown to give their friends and relatives to read and listen. It is true that convince then concern.

May the Lord bless you.

Bro. Murphy

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