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Visiting and Encouraging the Local Churches of Nigeria

Brother Victor Adimora, from Cloverdale Bibleway, has found that one of the most effective ways to assess the need for message books of the local churches in Africa is to visit them personally. In recent months he has made several visits to some of the local churches in Nigeria. During these visits he was able to address some of the local needs. Brother Victor says, “Since there is a limit to what we can physically do in the face of the mounds of needs encountered, we have no choice but to do the little we can.” Although sometimes the effort seems to make little impact at the time, we know that these visits of encouragement hold eternal value. Brother Victor encourages the believers to further themselves in the Message by reminding them to “Come back to the tapes” and “Stay with the Word.”

One of the subjects that was emphasized during these visits was the importance of making the “stored food” available for the local believers. During a few visits, Brother Victor noticed that pastors would become embarrassed to see how few hands went up in his congregation when he asked who had read a message book, or played a tape in the last month or two. Sometimes we don’t catch the meaning of how blessed we are, having the Word available at our fingertips. Many times it is taken for granted, until we hear of instances like this.

At some churches, Brother Victor was able to share testimonies about what the Lord is doing in places like China, Canada, etc. Since many of these people do not have Internet access to know about what God is doing around the world, it was a blessing for them to hear straight from the available, physical source, Brother Victor. Seeing them encouraged by all of these testimonies was very rewarding for Brother Victor. They want to soak in all that they can. What we often take for granted is like finding a hidden treasure for many believers in Nigeria.
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