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Fruits From Annual Philippines Camp Meetings & Mystery Expo Outreaches

For well over 30 years, the saints in the Philippines have been gathering for camp meetings in December as a time of hearing the Word, singing and fellowship... Read More...

Answer to Prayer

In the recent months, Brother Telenwa Busobozi experienced a great trial when someone broke into his home in Mityana, Uganda and stole his laptop. He had relied on this laptop to help him reach out to the youth in Uganda, through his website... Read More...

Outreach Among Inmates In Filipino Jails

In the past few months, a total of 18 General Santos City jail inmates, and a sister of an inmate brother were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. A pastor from a denomination, his wife and another sister were also re-baptized... Read More...

Verdict Reached

I wanted to update everyone about the 11 Christians that were on trial in Bandar Anzali. They have been acquitted of their charges! The prosecutor has 20 days to appeal the acquittal, but this is a great victory for the LORD and His people. Read More...

Printer Update And Current Needs For South America

A lot of effort has already been put forth into getting printers to South America in 2011. The Spanish language continues to be the most downloaded language from the Message HUB, and Brother Richard Sieunath, from Trinidad has been actively visiting different parts of South America to set up print stations... Read More...

Argentina Report

We want to thank you all for your prayers and support which gave us the strength to continue doing whatever we can for the kingdom of God. We had a wonderful testimony already in our arrival to Argentina in the airport... Read More...
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