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Report From Macedonia

Two weeks ago, Brother Milko Ravbar from Canada, and Brother Jonatan Lerga from Croatia embarked on a trip to Macedonia, searching for elect seed. Previous to their arrival, Brother Jonatan had made contact with eight people within the country - all of various denominations - through a Facebook profile that is solely dedicated to the witness of William Branham... Read More...

Desperate for Spiritual Food

Brother Victor Adimora, from Cloverdale, Canada, was recently put in contact with a young man from Zimbabwe, a new believer of the Message. This new brother, Nhanhla Ncube, has been hungering for more of the Word... Read More...

The Lord Is Always On Our Side

Not too long ago Brother Jose from Argentina along with me had an interview with the mayor of the town of Trevelin inquiring for a piece of property to build a church. We felt that the mayor was in full support to donate to us a piece of land to have the church... Read More...

Outreach Report from Lagos & Nigeria

A window of opportunity to reaching out to some of my kinfolk with the Message of the Hour was opened to me some time in December 1999 when my family and I visited our village Ashisha, a little settlement in the Yoyo district of Katsina-Ala Local Council area of Benue State while on holiday. Read More...

Behnam Irani Arrested – Decision Reached In Youcef’s Case

As we reported in January pastor Behnam Irani had been convicted of actions against the Order. Which means he organized house church meetings and other Christian activities... Read More...
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