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Korean Mission Trip By Brother Ron Millevo

Brother Ron Millevo was able to present the Message of the Hour to the Korean Public in May 2011. This Mystery Expo was organized by Brother Ji (Lee) Bjungjim, who happens to be a prominent dentist in Seoul and is a brother in this Message... Read More...

Visiting and Encouraging the Local Churches of Nigeria

Brother Victor Adimora, from Cloverdale Bibleway, has found that one of the most effective ways to assess the need for message books of the local churches in Africa is to visit them personally... Read More...

Chinese Community In Cameroon

While Brother Victor Adimora was in Africa he had the opportunity to make several new contacts with believers. One of these believers was Brother Edo Jean Hilaire. Brother Hilaire makes his home in Douala, a city located in the South West of The Republic of Cameroon... Read More...
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