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The Message Reaches The Miao Tribe

Around 150 years ago the Miao tribal people of China were converted to Christianity by British evangelists (one of them being Hudson Taylor). In 2009 we were able to bring the Message... Read More...

Philippines Report

5. Sunday Service at our church July 25, 2010
These are some of the latest activities in the Philippines that Brother Sammy Durano’s church partcipate in. They include radio broadcasting ministry, prison ministry, and outreach ministry. Read More...

The Book Of Acts Continues!

Baptize_china Jan 11
As I mentioned to you last time the Lord continually moving in China so rapidly and the news today will become old tomorrow. I just updated you there are several people received the Message and baptize... Read More...

A Mighty Work In Vietnam

Vietnam has been a unique country in which to try to and introduce the Message of the Hour. Its political history and war-torn country has proved to be difficult obstacles to those that have worked to bring the Prophet’s Message to the native Vietnamese people over the years... Read More...

A Great Stir

a great stir 1
The Lord has done a great harvesting in China in the year 2010 and He’s continually harvesting through this Message at the beginning of year 2011. If you watched the Watch Night Service... Read More...
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