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Printer Update And Current Needs For South America

A lot of effort has already been put forth into getting printers to South America in 2011. The Spanish language continues to be the most downloaded language from the Message HUB, and Brother Richard Sieunath, from Trinidad has been actively visiting different parts of South America to set up print stations.

Earlier this year, one HUB station was set up in Barcelona, Venezuela, and within the past two months Brother Richard has gone to Asuncion, Paraguay and Formosa, Argentina and set up two more print stations. He already has another print station from Bible Believers ready to be set up this summer in Santa Rosa, Argentina. These four HUB stations alone will be a great blessing. We are encouraged to know that pastors, ministers and congregations will have access to more resources of the Prophet’s Message and pray that the Lord will continue to bless the people of South America as they continue to digest the Word through seeing and hearing.

The current need for South America is for three more printers in the short term. These printers would be set up this year in San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; and also Lima, Peru.

If you would consider or want to help the people of South America to be able to have the Truth of this Message, we would appreciate your help to be a blessing to the Bride in South America!

God Bless,

Timothy Andes
Bible Believers
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