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Report From Macedonia

Two weeks ago, Brother Milko Ravbar from Canada, and Brother Jonatan Lerga from Croatia embarked on a trip to Macedonia, searching for elect seed. Previous to their arrival, Brother Jonatan had made contact with eight people within the country - all of various denominations - through a Facebook profile that is solely dedicated to the witness of William Branham and the End Time Message, and which Brother Jonatan helps to administer. In keeping with the original vision of Brother Dragomir, they were following up these online contacts with a face-to-face meeting.

As an answer to prayer, all eight people answered their invitations, and each arrived on time to the designated meeting spot, anxious to hear more Truth. Some even brought friends along, so the brothers were able to have a positive witness with a total of twelve people in three days! All the conversations were blanketed with a kind and welcoming spirit, with no hard discussions or any opposition. Each person took books and promised to study them. Please pray that this Good Seed (the revealed Word of God for this hour) will fall on good ground, and prosper in Macedonia!

During their first day in Macedonia, Brother Milko and Brother Jonatan met Zlatko (a minister for a small group of about five people) who was glad to take the books and promised to study them in more detail. Next was, Aleksandar, a man that had already received message books from Brother Dragomir and Brother Aladin. Aleksander left the meeting motivated to study the Message in more detail. They also spoke with Vasil, his fiancé Elena and her friend Tanja about the forerunner of the second coming of the Lord. These last three were glad to take Church Age books and other sermons of Brother Branham, along with some DVD’s.

They also came into contact with a gentleman named Ivan, who is currently a professor at the university in Skopje, and used to be the pastor of a local Baptist assembly. His son is the pastor now, but they have a printing and translation team in their church and publish Christian books. The brothers gave him a Church Age book, and he promised to consider the translation and printing of it.

Brother Jonatan and Brother Milko were able to give a book to one other girl they met their first day as well.

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The second day in Skopje, Macedonia was equally fruitful, meeting three new people that had been contacted initially by Facebook, and had opportunity to personally share in further detail the Message and Prophet’s ministry.

Kristijan, who is 25 years old, came with a friend from his church, Sonja, who is a teacher of the Macedonian language. Both of them spoke perfect English, had heard of the ministry of Brother Branham, but not in much detail. They listened very carefully as the brothers presented his ministry as fulfillment of Bible prophecies, and were glad to take the Church Age book, the DVD of Deep Calleth To The Deep, along with some other of Brother Branham’s messages.

Later in the day they met Gojko, whom Brother Jonatan reports is a fine young man who has been delivered from various addictions. He also gladly received books and DVD’s and said he was going to study them.

May God bless Brother Dragomir and Brother Aladin for their labors of love and their witness on Facebook, and please remember to keep these fellow Christians in prayer as they study the books given them.
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