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The Lord Our Provider

As we all believers know, the greatest miracle is to see somebody’s soul being transformed by God. Brother Jose and his family accepted the Message about four years ago and he has been living a testimony of how God can change a person from a person known in all his community from an unbeliever to a believer.
Brother Jose even impacted the mayor of the town called Trevelin, in south Argentina. The last time I visited Brother Jose, in June 2010, in the beginning of winter where he lives, Brother Jose and his family were going through hard times with no job and little food to eat. I had to make a trip to our property and go through this valley by the Andes Mountains. I stopped by Brother Jose’s house and invited him for fellowship so we can travel together. Sometimes when you drive you can see those wild jack rabbits called “liebres”. We prayed that the Lord would give us one of these rabbits which would be very useful for Brother Jose’s family.
We kept confessing for this to happen. On the way back, already night time, driving through the road show in the picture,
I just saw out of the corner of my eye a huge rabbit standing on the left side of the road. I told Brother Jose and he looked at me and we both said, “There it is!”. I stopped the car, turned around and drove toward the rabbit with the purpose of hitting it without causing much damage. As I started driving towards the rabbit, it remained calm, just waiting for us. It was like a supernatural presence, knowing the rabbit was given to us for a purpose from the Lord. We got the rabbit and Brother Jose brought it to his home with a lot of rejoicing. Praise be to God!

Brother Luis
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