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The Book Of Acts Continues!

Dear Saints,

As I mentioned to you last time the Lord continually moving in China so rapidly and the news today will become old tomorrow. I just updated you there are several people received the Message and baptized few days ago but the second day there’re another 3 were baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, all in the same location.

If you remember in my last e-mail I shared how Sis. Lynn that worked in the landscaping company came to know this Message. She take this Message to her friend after she received because this Word become so precious to her.

The second day after she was baptized she took one of her friend to the church. Bro. Lv was preaching that day. Right away her friend was attracted by the Message. Then the Lord moved in her heart. She received this message gladly and baptized afterward. It’s like Bro. Branham said in the Message 62-0521 “CONVINCED.AND.THEN.CONCERNED”,

E-58 Like Hudson Taylor, the great missionary, many of you know, to China. There was an Indian boy, or not a--a Chinese boy one day got up, got saved, and the Holy Spirit come upon him. He went to Mr. Taylor, and he said, "Mr. Taylor, what shall I do? What school shall I enter? What shall I do?" And he said, "Shall I take these years of schooling that--that the church requires and so forth?"
Mr. Taylor said, "Don't take your candle out and burn it halfway down before you find out whether it's burning or not." He said, "Go when it's first lit."
Oh, I'll say the same thing. You don't need to wait and see it tested and tested and tested, and take a lot of trials, and tribulations, and all this schooling, and get your Bachelor of Art, and your Ph. and D.D., and everything like that. If you haven't got all that, that's all right.
But if you haven't got that, go when--when it's lit. If you can't do no more then tell them it got lit, tell them how it got lit. That's all you have to do. God lit your little candle; go tell them how it got lit. Amen. Let them alone. Just tell them how the candle lit. Let them... Then God will take care of the rest of it. The thing of it is, is lighten that candle with the fire off the altar and God sanctions with the power of the Holy Ghost, and the resurrection of Christ.”

There is another old sister who was baptized few days ago. The Lord spoke to her after she was baptized “You’re a new creation now.” She was so happy even singing Hymns while she slept, with her husband listening to her singing that night who was also baptized.

The little church is growing as the Act 2:47 said, “Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved. ” We ask you to remember them in your prayers as we know the enemy will not stand still with this. But we trust the Lord opened up the door that no man will shut it.

May the Lord bless you.

Bro. Murphy

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