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The Lord Is Always On Our Side

Not too long ago Brother Jose from Argentina along with me had an interview with the mayor of the town of Trevelin inquiring for a piece of property to build a church. We felt that the mayor was in full support to donate to us a piece of land to have the church.

Just about three weeks ago, Brother Jose met with a member of the municipality of council which is supposed to make a decision to donate to us the land, and he didn't give Brother Jose much hope. A few days later, Brother Jose was holding in his house for Sunday service. During the service, Brother Jose noticed the roof of the house had a water leak and they had no money to fix it. In a few more days, there was a huge wind storm and it blew away the whole roof with the rafters attached. The roof landed in the backyard, just a few centimeters from where Brother Jose and his son were doing some work outside.

It was an absolute miracle that they didn't get crushed by the roof. The fire department and emergency services came to the scene and even informed the mayor about the situation. The next day the mayor, in person, visited Brother Jose.

Brother Jose spoke to the mayor about the conversation that he had with the council denying him access to the property for the church. The mayor's response was to provide a new roof for the house of Brother Jose and to do everything he can for us to have a property to build a church.
We want to thank you and all the saints that have been praying for this matter for so long and see once more how the Lord is always on our side.

God bless you and please continue praying for us to accomplish all the spiritual purpose in this part of the world.

Brother Luis Izquierdo

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