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God's Healing Power

Brother Pedrito congregates in brother Pedro Peralta’s church in Santiago, Chile. Brother Pedro is his grandfather, and his dad, Brother Fabian, is very much involved in missions through South America.
A few months ago, in the streets of Santiago, a bus struck Brother Pedrito, throwing his about 10 meters, hitting him in the head. All the people in the street who witnessed this accident said that it was an absolute miracle that he did not die instantly. An ambulance took him to the hospital and they called to let his father know what happened. As Brother Fabian travelled to the hospital, he continuously prayed and the Lord gave him several visions of how the angels took care of his son while the accident happened. Brother Pedrito was several days in intensive care, with many broken bones, and the doctors tried to assess the internal injuries he had. One nurse gave an account that one night she entered the room and saw the presence of an angel by Brother Pedtrito’s bed. The prayer request for Brother Pedrito’ healing reached many churches all over the world. Within a few days the doctors sent Brother Pedrito to his home for complete rest and once more we saw the hand of the Lord reaching out with His mercy and healing power.

Brother Luis
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