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What Is The Message HUB

What Is The Message HUB?

The Message HUB is a digital library of William Branham’s sermons, translated in over forty-five languages and made available in both printed and audio formats, thus allowing free access to the Message of the Hour on a global scale. The HUB allows individuals and churches immediate access to any-given message in their own language for download and distribution.

In addition, it allows translators to upload their translations of Brother Branham’s messages onto the HUB, making them available to the people world-wide in as little as 24 hours. This creates a continuous network of newly translated material made available faster than ever before.

The Message HUB library is available in two forms. The first is through the Internet (www.messagehub.info) or via a CD disc of all the messages provided by Bible Believers. The CD is updated on a regular basis to include recent translations as they come available. With over 129,694 visits to the Message HUB website from 172 different countries and territories in 2010 alone, it has taken on a life of its own as the Message is getting into the hands of the people wherever they may be.

Top 10 Languages Viewed & Downloaded

Number of Visits
1. Spanish


2. English


3. French


4. Chinese


5. Tamil


6. Dutch


7. Telugu


8. Tagalog


9. Italian


10. Hindi


In 2010, an average of 200 Spanish messages were downloaded on a daily basis. English was the second most downloaded and printed, but now with all the English messages reformatted, the amount and availability will allow more downloading and rapid growth of the use of the Message in the English language through the Message HUB. Downloads of French messages have also been steadily increasing as the HUB print stations are being dispersed throughout Africa. The Message is getting into the hands of the people, in their own language. Praise the Lord!

English Project Completion By Young People
From May until August 2010, Brother Kim Dingwall, assisted by Sister Beth Dingwall and Brother Tim Andes, along with over fifty members of Cloverdale Bibleway Church, reformatted all 1,100 English messages into four different formats.

The purpose of this project was to allow easier printing for the different paper size formats used around the world. Now, booklets are available in US letter-size booklets, European A4 booklets, online viewing, as well as the newest 4”x6” booklet. This last option is small enough to fit into your pocket, which acts as a great witnessing tool.

With the conclusion of the English project, a small group of believers in Murfreesboro, TN have begun reformatting the Spanish messages. While progress has been steady, there is still much to be done. Our next project will be to complete the reformatting of the French messages into all four formats.

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