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Revival Going Global

boy in spirit
Since Winter Camp, many young people have been living in a revival. But God hasn’t kept the revival confined to Cloverdale Bibleway. Revival is taking place all over the world. Brother Talemwa Busobozi from Uganda says that after he heard and read, on the outreach website, what was happening at CBW “[he] just felt like something burning on the inside of [him].” He started telling the young people there what was happening across the world, because he had this burning on the inside to share it with everyone.

me and charles[12]
The Pastor there asked Brother Busobozi to take the Sunday evening service, not knowing what the Lord had planned for his congregation. One young man, age 12, approached Brother Busobozi after hearing the testimonies, saying that “he feels that he cannot Live without having to be baptized that morning.” He was baptized that Sunday morning, realizing later that the time of his spiritual birth, was the exact day and hour of his natural birth. Also he was baptized in a t-shirt that said “Jubilee Volunteer” which meant that day he was “volunteering to be free”. God knew what he was doing, even in the small things.

That evening God had a supernatural evening planned for the church in Uganda. Brother Busobozi spoke on Samson & Delilah, and King Hezekiah.

“It was a tremendous time for us all. The Church was in tears and much anointing on everybody. That young brother (12) was just on the flow with tears all around his face. He said this was his first supernatural experience ever. There i was, standing behind the pulpit, like a baby, all tears, under the anointing of the Lord. "Thus saith the Lord, Sister you receive your healing..." She was sick for over a week, the following day she cooked for her husband. Completely delivered.”

Mission West-21st Feb 070
God is moving throughout the world; the end time is closer than we think. Brother Busobozi says “Praise the Lord. It is ON!! Are you ready?”
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