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Return From China Trip

I was thinking about to write this letter a month ago when I first came back from China but it seems the more I think about it the harder for me to put the 2 month trip into letter form because it just simply too much to tell. So I just pick up one or two outstanding things that happened during this trip to present you as a little gift for this holiday season though there are hundreds outstanding things I can say.

I would like to thank you for all of your prayers and support first without it the trip will not be successful and fruitful as it is. I truly witnessed the great mighty hand of God in this last trip and felt the harvest time is here. Once again I saw how lively the Message is. We were planning to reprint COD books again as we run out of stock. So Bro. Lv contacted a Christian man that in charge of Video and Audio in a government church who also do some printing business.

Bro. Lv handed the COD book to him and asked him if he can give us a quote. But the price he gave us is higher than the other printer. So we reject his offer and planning to use the other one. But when I was travel with Bro. Lv one day I got an e-mail from a man and he asked if there is anybody can baptize him. I gave the number to Bro. Lv and ask if he can call him. As Bro. Lv punched the number on his cell phone and it shows the name of the printer that we rejected because his name is in Bro. Lv’s contact list. So he talked with him and the whole story unfold.

This brother we called him John. He said when he first got this book he start to read it because he wants to make sure this is not some kind of cult. But the more he read the more he believed.

He read the whole 2 volumes COD book in a few days. Then he go on the Chinese web site printed at the back of the book and download all the Messages translated and start to read. Him and his wife read about 140 Messages within a month!
Later on I asked him how can he read so many in such a short time? He told us that it’s because he got contagious eye infection and can’t go out of the house for two weeks. That’s why he can spend all the time he had to read and listen.

While he’s reading and listening he also gave the Messages to his friends. When we came back to meet him he already arranged us to speak in a house church the second day. I went to speak in that church. To make a story short there are 30 people were baptized in that house church. Almost the whole church received this Message gladly. Until this day they’re still following the Lord and reading the Message day and night.

They also went on the street, the park to witness to the people boldly which is almost unthinkable in China. But the Fire is burning in their hearts.

Then I went up north to the convention that held in the city that Bro. David was. The Lord continually did a marvelous work. The first day there are more than 200 people came and half of them is the first time ever getting contact with this Message. After 3 days meetings there are more than 30 people baptized. Praise to be God!


While we’re busy with our traveling from one place to another to minister to the people, Bro. John and his wife also contacted another place and send the Message to them. After they read they asked if we can go to their town and share more about the Word.
So Bro. Lv, Bro. John and I went to this place and share the Word with them. After few days meeting from morning to night the people’s hearts are open and gladly received the Word. Another 7 people were baptized. When we went to the baptism there is a storm coming and wave are so high. We even thought to cancel it and wait for another time. But the people flatly rejected it. They want to be baptized right away no matter what condition. Several times the waves knocked us down but we get up again to fulfil all rightousness.
After we left the people called us and weeping in the phone said they read the Message every day with tears in their eyes and thank God for such a wonderful Word He sent to this age.

Then Bro. John took us to another place that he witnessed to. The same Holy Ghost fall on this place again through the Word of God in this age. There are about 12 people were baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ include the pastor at the end.

I called Bro. John yesterday and he told me that the little church there faithfully reading the Message day and night. The pastor of that church said to Bro. John that after they received the Word the people’s life in his church are changed drastically. People are healed from their sickness, their eyes were opened to the Word... a big revival going on in that church after we left. Oh, thank God for the Message we heard in this hour!

The things still happening in a daily basis after I left. New people sending e-mails to us after they read the Message on the internet from the east to the west. Some asking for books and some asking for ministers to visit them.

Bro. David, Bro. Lv and Bro. Caleb together with other ministers such as Bro. Run and Bro. Ben whose hearts also stirred through the Message, they went out to different places, some new some old, to bring this Gospel to the hungry souls. Bro. Lv and Bro. Run (a former government church minister that baptized 2 years ago in the sink if you remember) went to Bro. Run’s former Bible school mate recently.
They shared the Word with him and he was baptized. Now he’s going to bring this Message to his congregation.

Oh, brothers, sisters when I start to talk about what the Lord did in this HOUR, my heart was full. I always shared the burden with you before but now I’m sharing the joy with you.
“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.”

Bro. Murphy

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