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Chinese Community In Cameroon

While Brother Victor Adimora was in Africa he had the opportunity to make several new contacts with believers.

One of these believers was Brother Edo Jean Hilaire. Brother Hilaire makes his home in Douala, a city located in the South West of The Republic of Cameroon; a country which borders Nigeria. He gave his heart to Christ in 1988 at the age of 18 and since that time has wanted to spread the Word to as many as will hear It.

In a recent email to Brother Adimora, Brother Edo stated that “Presently, [his] free time is spent street witnessing in search of the last lost sheep.” Brother Edo speaks French primarily, but also English and German, which enables him to witness to a wide variety of people.

Recently, Brother Edo came in contact with a group of Chinese people within Cameroon. In an effort to be better equipped to introduce them to the Message, Brother Edo made contact with Brother Murphy, who then directed him to Brother Adimora (in Nigeria at the time) to ask for help in getting the Message to this Chinese community. Brother Edo has a great desire to be able to print and distribute message books to the Chinese in their own language.

Currently, a laptop (courtesy of Brother Henk Dijkstra in Holland) has been offered for Brother Edo’s work, which will be sent to Paris and then hand carried into Cameroon. Brother Murphy has also helped to coordinate a shipment of Chinese message books to Brother Edo.
Brother Adimora remains in contact with Brother Edo, and asks if we can “please remember [Brother Edo] in your prayers that the Lord would grant him the grace to continue to lift up the work of the Lord in Cameroon.”

Maybe we feel we can’t do as much as we would like to in countries like Cameroon, but we can certainly hold our Brothers and Sisters up in prayer, that God will give them His strength and grace to carry on.

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