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Philippines Report

On a recent missionary trip to Southern Mindanao, Philippines, Brother Sammy Durano and his wife Sister Marina traveled to Kialat. They originally began by motorcycle until they were unable to go any further, at which time they changed to horseback to complete the rest of their journey.
23. We will cross again 24 rivers to reach the seashore
During this trip, they crossed 69 rivers; some of which are extremely dangerous should a sudden flood occur. Even through muddy roads and difficult situations, they arrived safely in Barangay, Kialat. Brother Sammy spoke and they enjoyed services with Brother Orlando Gapas, the host pastor, his congregation, and other visiting ministers from various denominations. The duration of their stay was three days and four nights, after which they had to return through those 69 rivers by foot, as there was no horse to take them back. This lasted for seven hours before they arrived at another church at Bogbog, Big Margus, Glan on Saturday June 26, 2010.
14. This time we will cross 24 rivers in order to reach Katbing, Kaltuad, Glan, Sarangani Province July 28, 2010

Brother Chrispulo Luis was the host pastor there. Brother Sammy and Sister Marina arrived back home to join their young people for joint fellowship meetings in participation with four other churches.
Brother Sammy crossed 24 rivers in order to reach Katbing, Kaltuad, Glan, Sarangani Province at the end of July 2010. Upon arriving, they conducted an evening service in a very small church building. Some had to stand outside in order to hear the Word of God.
6. Our prison  ministry in Sarangani Provincial Jail scheduled every monday July 26, 2010
Brother Sammy’s church has a weekly prison ministry every Monday in the Sarangani Provincial Jail. Brother Elmer Varquez preached inside the city jail and ten inmates were baptized after the meeting. After baptism, he spent some time praying and giving wisdom to them.
8. Provincial Jail inmates attending our prison ministry July, 26, 2010
Brother Noel Lim, a former inmate and now one of Brother Sammy’s associate ministers, gave a testimony to the inmates that attended the service.
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