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150+ Messages in Portuguese: In Past 2 Weeks

Over the past two weeks, a few young people were burdened in their hearts to “get the Message to the people” in the Portuguese language. This desire led to several work bees and many hours spent at home laboring to put over 150 Portuguese messages on the HUB.

Within the past two weeks this goal has been met! We had received many inquiries from individuals asking when there would additional Portuguese messages made available on the HUB, so we are pleased to announce that they can now access over 150 NEW messages, in four different formats.

The prayer and longing of the young people who worked on these messages was to get the Message into the hands of the people in their own tongue, and that if it’s just for one, it’s worth it all. The Lord has started this work and He shall finish it. To God be the glory!

May these sermons be a Light to those Seeds that are still in darkness!

God bless the work!

Brother Timothy Andes Bible Believers
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