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A Mighty Work In Vietnam

Vietnam has been a unique country in which to try to and introduce the Message of the Hour. Its political history and war-torn country has proven to be difficult obstacles to those that have worked to bring the Prophet’s Message to the native Vietnamese people over the years.

While past efforts may have seemed to yield little, God has now opened a door through an Asian brother with a great burden for Vietnam. And after much seed being sown, fruits are rapidly coming to fruition.

Over the past ten years, Brother Timothy, who attends Cloverdale Bibleway, has travelled several times (usually twice a year) to Vietnam to take The Message to these people. Brother Timothy, although Chinese by birth, lived in Vietnam for a number of years and speaks and understands the language and customs. Through his ministry, God has had remarkable success. The Message in Vietnam has been steadily growing over the past decade and God is doing a mighty work in the lives of the Vietnamese Believers.

In 2010 alone, there were 44 messages translated into Vietnamese, allowing 427 messages to be available on the Vietnamese website at http://vn.bibleway.org. Six more Message HUB print stations were placed throughout the country, bringing the total to 14 print stations in Vietnam that believers have access to, to print and distribute messages easily within Vietnam. Almost 15,000 message books have been distributed throughout the country, as well as over 300 Vietnamese Bibles.

Baptize Young Police

The Word has been well-received with 200 people now baptized and continuing in the Word.

Brother Timothy made two trips to Vietnam in 2010, each a few months long, sacrificing his time, energy and family back in Canada to tirelessly take the Word to the ‘Church-House Leaders’ day after day.

During the last journey to Vietnam, Brother Timothy was met by Brother Paul Moffit from New Zealand, who ministered to some of these groups that follow the Message of the Hour. Brother Moffit was one of the first western Message pastors to have come to Vietnam in many years, and was able to witness the power of the Word in the many believers.

Let us remember this precious part of the Bride of Christ and Brother Timothy as he continues to labor in the field.

If you would like more information on how you can support Brother Timothy and his team within Vietnam to translate, proofread, print and distribute the Prophet’s Message, please contact us at missions@bibleway.org.

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