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Brother Luis In The Field - South America

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Brother Lazaro and another family from his church came here to Trevelin and we had a service with them. Brother Lazaro has seen the spiritual need among the believers here, and we had the opportunity to discuss the immediate needs; one of which is to inquire in the municipality for a piece of land for the building of a church. Brother Lazaro has felt in his heart to come to this area whenever it is possible and to contribute with his ministry.

We have been busy also doing some arrangements and decisions regarding our property in Corcovado. This last Sunday we had a service in Brother Jose’s house and we could see how his teenage children came from the youth camp in Chile with a greater desire to take the things of the Lord more seriously.
Some of them already have the burden of buying musical instruments to learn some songs for the services. Last Sunday, we heard the message of Brother Branham, You Must Be Born Again, and the Lord confirmed many things that Brother Jose’s family had been discussing the day before. Some of what they discussed was to take their spiritual condition more seriously and make some changes to increase their spiritual growth.

Please continue to remember in prayer Brother Jose’s daughter, Luciana. She is only five months old and was born prematurely without ears, with serious respiratory problems, spinal cord deformation, and one of her feet has not developed properly. The doctors warned Brother Jose’s family about the seriousness of the upcoming operations. We already prayed for her and believe God is a God of miracles. This week I am starting to present some letters to the municipality to see if we can start the process for the land that we need to build a church. Please pray also for this matter.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We heard from our son, Luis, how God is moving amongst the congregation in Cloverdale and all the blessings in many situations. I have been having meetings with people that knew the Message from before who have deviated and confused by the Devil. I tried to convey to them to have more access to Brother Branham’s messages, to have a different and personal approach to read those messages which they didn’t have access to before, and to be absolutely convinced that this Message is the Voice of God in this age spoken by Brother Branham, a vessel and a prophet which God used.

Also, I have been speaking with some ministers from the north of Argentina like Brother Juan Valderrama. He is a pastor which is already waiting for Brother Lazaro to send him new messages that they didn’t have before. These messages will be crucial to give to many believers up north who have very limited access to literature, and he believes that is why they are in the poor condition which they are in. Please remember these believers also in your prayers.

We are expecting Brother Lazaro to come this week and spend a few days ministering to us.

Please keep us in prayer that the perfect will of the Lord will be accomplished. Thank you again for remembering us, and for your contribution in helping the body of Christ to get ready for the Rapture. God bless you.

Brother Luis and family

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