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Korean Mission Trip By Brother Ron Millevo

Brother Ron Millevo was able to present the Message of the Hour to the Korean Public in May 2011. This Mystery Expo was organized by Brother Ji (Lee) Bjungjim, who happens to be a prominent dentist in Seoul and is a brother in this Message. About thirty to forty people, which included denominational pastors from Presbyterian, Church of Christ, and Full Gospel churches, were able to attend the event. Brother Ron was able to discuss the Seven Church Ages, Seven Seals and the Seven Trumpets while Brother Lee Bjungjin translated the presentation into the Korean language.

Many of those in the audience were very eager to take down notes while the Message was presented to them. They also found the scriptures and historical facts about the seven church ages very interesting. There were not many contradictions from the audience, and questions and answers followed afterwards.

At least three ministers showed interest in the Message, according to Brother Lee, in which he received some positive feedback from some of the pastors saying they were amazed at hearing this new “angle” of presentation on the Book of Revelation in a manner which they had never heard before.

The brothers have also given out some Message Chronicles to people in public places, in subway trains, and among Filipino communities working in Korea during their two-week stay in the country.

Please pray for the predestinated seeds in Korea and for Pastor Mike Nutter who is spearheading the evangelistic work in the country with the help of Brother Lee Bjungjin. May God bless them with courage to face such challenge of the hour.


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