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A Brain Tumor Is Healed

Brother Lazaro is a pastor of a small church in Bariloche, south Argentina. In the summer of 2010 he was very sick and went to the hospital in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and the doctors didn’t give him much hope for healing. His condition continued to worsen till he was almost blind and lost a lot of weight.
The doctors told him they could try an operation with very remote possibilities that he would survive. The news reached many believer in Argentina and Chile and here in our assembly in Cloverdale. We desperately prayed for the Lord to heal him. In about a month’s time, in the hospital, Brother Lazaro felt the mighty power of the Lord touch him. That morning he decided he was not going to stay in the hospital room any longer and left the hospital, completely healed! The doctors were completely amazed. Since then, he has been ministering in many churches across Argentina and Chile, sharing this wonderful testimony with the believers. Thank you for your prayers!

Brother Luis
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